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Find All Schools
  A GPS based Mini Map is provided for those who are not directly associated to our University. You don't even have to apply Dijkstra's Algorithm to compute the shortest path since that's our suty to guide you.

Ask the AI Expert
  An Artificial Intelligence driven system to always help you as a mentor to choose the right path for your career. Based on the success rate, it's updated once every day to make the error percentage minimal.

Clarify your Doubts
  Still if you have any queries, you can always contact to our members to clarify all your doubts. Ask anything regarding career life, accomodation facilities and many more. You just have to drop a query in given section

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Student Dashboard
  A Student Dashboard always helps to get a complete details of a student beside that, a member can use the ToDo list rovided along with this. The everyday schedule can also be accessed by the student.

Career Guidance
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The Ultimate Hostel Guide
  Hostel Guide is equally important for the first year students and those who are looking for a vacant room. It provides room details and vacancy and also allows members to choose a room.

A JS Mentor Static Bot
  To minimize the queries, a virtual mentor is introduced to solve frequently generated problems

  To keep updated about all the societies and recent notices Whiteboard is ready to help you always.

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